How soda gets into the bottle?

Have you wondered exactly how that soda gets into the bottle by filling machines ? Or how about other things such as liquid substances such as water, sauces, salsas, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, creams, medicine and cleaning products? You get the picture. When you break it down it translates into a story of engineering ingenuity to make life easier and more convenient.

Until the 1800s, craftsmen would create a piece or a part of a product individually and then assemble everything at the same time. Eli Whitney invented the American system of manufacturing by using the division of labor and engineering to set up a linear assembly process or assembly line so workers assemble one part to another part and pass it on to the next worker who would add on another part until by the end, the finished product is packaged. This process created a lower cost for filling machines manufacturer . On December 1, 1913, Henry Ford installed the world's first moving assembly line, an innovation of mass production.

When manufacturers first implemented the assembly line, they enjoyed dramatic gains in productivity passing lower costs down to the consumer. The assembly line was a perfect place for unskilled workers thereby allowing for lower labor costs. However, there was an increased need for managers and supervisors to handle the laborers. In addition to this, engineering to design operational sequencing for the production was critical. Even the simplest tasks were critical to its overall success and the straightforward assembly line became a highly complex process. So as the assembly line simplified the manufacturing process, the actual mechanical process became more complicated and needed pre-planning through engineering applications for a mass-produced final product.

Breaking down the process, there are the vessels for containing liquid filling machine , the equipment to move the containers down an assembly line for accurate filling, capping, sealing, packaging and shipping. The process is all based on engineering machines, systems and software. Filling containers with various ingredients is a complete manufacturing process from beginning to end with a final product that is as simple as popping a cap or a lid to a large barrel.

Next time you pop a top or open bottle filling machines of liquid dish soap, thing about how the ingredient made its way into the container. It has been an interesting science and history of manufacturing and engineering ingenuity dating back centuries, even to ancient times. Man's need to streamline a process to something that is simple, convenient and usable is our own history and evolution.


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